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Welcome to Power of Painting!

Host a paint night!

We host paint events for all occasions, in Winnipeg and surrounding area!

Staff wellness and team building, celebrations of all kinds, gatherings of friends, birthdays, fundraisers, self-care through art workshops, you name it! I bring all materials needed to you, and provide plenty of encouragement and support to help you feel great and have fun as you create your UNIQUE work of art. I am happy to customize a painting event to your group.

~ The Power of Painting ~ Nurture your spirit through the power of art!

Creative acts, such as painting, can have an amazing effect on an individual. When we paint, we let go of tension, stress and anxiety. The level of cortisol in our body actually decreases.

Our mind, body and spirit go in to a feeling of “flow” – many feel a connection to our ancestors when immersed in doing something that taps into that inner creative spirit. Time stands still and our mind is allowed to just be in the present moment.


Painting is powerful

It is an amazing tool for self-care; it is a medicine! And when painting in a group, music playing, people let go of fears and tension, and then I hear a lot of laughter – and we all know that laughter is also an incredible medicine in itself!


Kisa MacIsaac

Creator & Owner of Power of Painting


“My Story”

I am a mother of three young children. I am Metis (Scottish, Cree, Irish and French descent), I am an artist, an early childhood educator, a workshop facilitator, and a lover of people, music and nature!


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Since health and wellness is a huge part of our mission, here are some awesome websites who believe in the same thing!

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  • People who experience more flow states also experience more confidence, self-esteem, happiness, and meaning in life. – Psychology Today
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