Healing the Caregiver Through the Power of Art

(3 hOURS)

A self care paint workshop and experience for the caregiver or for anyone, that focuses on the power of art as a self-care tool. Part interactive PowerPoint presentation, some self-reflection, and part paint workshop – this is amazing self-care for those whose work or personal lives involve caring for others, and also for those who are searching for ways to “fill their cups”.

Inspired by the workshop “Healing the Caregiver”, created by Janet Fox of Mahkesis Consulting.

Thank you, Janet!

Paint Workshops

(approx 2 hours)

Book a super fun, basic paint workshop to add a creative and unique element to any event!

A birthday party, ladies night, Bachelorette, holiday party, fundraising event or staff night… contact me with your ideas!

For the workshops…

I will bring all the needed materials needed for your group (a small gathering or large) to have a relaxing, fun, stress-reducing and creative experience. All you need is the space along with the tables and chairs!

I will lead your group, step by step, through the process of creating a beautiful and UNIQUE piece of art!

There are a few ideas of painting choices in my album “Paintings Menu”, or tell me your ideas and I will create a custom painting for you! During a workshop, I encourage individuals to follow their own path/ideas/intuition when creating – each painting will be different as each person is different!

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All of my workshops have a wellness factor, however I also offer a three hour self care workshop – Healing the Caregiver Through the Power of Art.

(Thank you to Janet Fox of Mahkesis Consulting for teaching me about Healing the Caregiver.)

This workshop can be customized to your group!  It was created with “caregivers” in mind, however we all need self -care!   In this workshop, I combine a variety of wellness teachings that I have learned, and put them into one powerful PowerPoint presentation that I can share with others.

Happy to customize this presentation to your group and to your unique needs.


I offer the option to start with a smudge with sage to cleanse away any negative energies and to start off with a positive mindset,  if it is appropriate for the participants.  This includes information on smudging – the why and the how, along with it’s history as an ancient Indigenous medicine, and it’s benefits. With this positive mindset, we explore the idea of self-care and why it important, along with self-reflection and creation of a personal list of self-care tools and ideas.

We take a look at the Medicine Wheel and how it can be used as a tool for self-care – and can remind us to care for ourselves – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to prevent burn out.  We explore the benefits of making art and the importance of having a creative outlet…and then we spend time making a painting!

This workshop requires a projector and screen.

Private Paint Events

2 hours of painting time.

These can vary from a birthday party or bachelorette, to a casual get-together.

Painting is a fun activity for any occasion.

Contact me to get planning your paint event!

Kids Paint Events

Kids can paint, too!

1 – 1.5 hours of painting time.

Age 7+.

Makes for a great birthday party where each guest leaves with a special creation!

Loose Parts

2.5 hour minimum needed to create a fun and truly unique work of art, using loose parts!

Painters will be provided with a variety of brushes, stencils and stamps, sponges, loose parts and various tools to use with all color choices of acrylic paint!

Painters will still be provided with plenty of guidance and encouragement, and will be shown a variety of examples for inspiration.

A fun workshop to let go of our fears and have fun getting creative!

Staff Paint Events

Painting is a fun activity for team building and wellness.

It is known to be a great tool for stress relief, and has many health benefits.

I bring everything you need for your staff event.


I love to do fundraisers!

For schools, non-profits, and all kinds of reasons to raise money!

Contact me to plan your fundraiser – I would be happy to help you make your event a success!